Quassaick Creek Restoration: A Big Step Forward with New Grant

Quassaick Creek Restoration: A Big Step Forward with New Grant
Dam at Muchattoes Lake in Newburgh, NY

Riverkeeper, a dedicated environmental organization, has been awarded a significant grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s (NFWF) 2023 National Coastal Resilience Fund. This grant, amounting to a substantial sum, is a major boost for removing the Holden Dam on the Quassaick Creek project.

The Holden Dam, a relic of the past, was built about 100 years ago for industries that no longer exist. Today, it stands as a barrier, not just to the creek's natural flow, but also to several species of fish like alewife, blueback herring, and American eels that are vital to the ecosystem. The dam's removal is crucial for the creek's ecological health and our community's safety, especially considering its proximity to critical infrastructure like the city's main sewer line.

We at Outdoor Promise are proud to support this initiative and provided a letter of support for Riverkeeper’s proposal, emphasizing our commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being. Removing the Holden Dam is not just an environmental project; it's a step towards safeguarding our community against potential hazards and enhancing the natural beauty of our local environment.

Walsh Road Dam, Newburgh, NY

This project is part of a larger effort to restore and rejuvenate Quassaick Creek. It aligns with our goals of promoting outdoor activities and environmental awareness in our community. The grant from NFWF marks a significant milestone in this journey, bringing us closer to a revitalized Quassaick Creek that flows freely, supports a diverse ecosystem, and provides a natural space for our community to enjoy.

We are excited about this project's positive changes to Newburgh and Quassaick Creek. It's a testament to what we can achieve when we work together to better our environment and community. Stay tuned for more updates.

Dam Removal
Dam removal is crucial to restoring critical habitat and maintaining the abundance of aquatic life in the Hudson. Riverkeeper is committed to replenishing the Hudson’s native fish populations by improving fish passage and connectivity and restoring the resiliency of the river and its natural functions.

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