Newburgh's Natural Resource Inventory: A Community Collaboration

Newburgh's Natural Resource Inventory: A Community Collaboration

Exciting news for everyone in Newburgh! Our city, in collaboration with Hudsonia and the Conservation Advisory Council, is taking a significant step forward in environmental stewardship. We're starting a project to create a Natural Resource Inventory (NRI), and we want your involvement. This is a community effort, and your input is invaluable. Stay tuned for the announcement of our first public meeting!

Let's dive into what a Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) is and why it's crucial for Newburgh. An NRI is a detailed report that identifies and describes the natural resources within our community. This includes our forests, rivers, wildlife habitats, and open spaces. Think of it as a comprehensive map of Newburgh's natural treasures.

Why is an NRI important? Here are some key reasons:

  1. Environmental Protection: An NRI helps us understand and protect our natural resources. It's a guide to preserving the beauty and ecological health of Newburgh.
  2. Informed Planning: City planners and decision-makers can make better land-use choices with an NRI. It ensures that development is sustainable and doesn't harm our natural environment.
  3. Community Awareness: An NRI raises awareness about the natural assets we have. It encourages community involvement in conservation efforts.
  4. Future Generations: By documenting our resources now, we're helping to ensure that future generations can enjoy and benefit from Newburgh's natural beauty.

As we embark on this journey, your voice matters. We want to hear your perspectives, experiences, and ideas. Whether you're a long-time resident, a business owner, or just someone who loves Newburgh, your input will help shape the future of our city's natural environment.

The collaboration with Hudsonia brings expert ecological insights, while the Conservation Advisory Council ensures that the project aligns with our city's conservation goals. Together, we can create an NRI that reflects the true value of Newburgh's natural resources.

Keep an eye out for the date of our first public meeting. This will allow you to learn more, ask questions, and share your thoughts. Let's work together to make Newburgh a greener, more sustainable place.

Join us in this important endeavor. Your participation is key to the success of Newburgh's Natural Resource Inventory!

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