Quassaick Creek Greenway Project: A New Chapter in the Creek's History

Quassaick Creek Greenway Project: A New Chapter in the Creek's History
Train line that runs parallel to the Quassaick Creek in Newburgh, NY

Quassaick Creek, a vital waterway in Newburgh, NY, has been a part of the city's landscape for centuries. Historically, the creek has been crucial in the area's development. It was a source of water and food for Native American tribes and later became a focal point for early European settlers. Over the years, the creek witnessed Newburgh's transformation from a small settlement to a bustling industrial hub. However, with industrialization came challenges. 

The creek, once a pristine natural resource, faced pollution and neglect. But in recent years, a movement has been growing to restore and protect this vital waterway.

Enter the Quassaick Creek Greenway project. Spearheaded by Scenic Hudson, this project aims to create a 2.5-mile trail and park along the creek. The initiative is a significant step towards ecological restoration, and a movement has been growing community engagement.

Scenic Hudson has recently received a grant from the Land Trust Alliance to advance this project. This funding is a crucial component in realizing the vision of the Greenway, which is to reconnect residents with the creek and its natural beauty.

The project is designed to provide access to natural assets like creeks, wetlands, upland forests, and rivers. It ensures that all community members, including those in BIPOC and low-income neighborhoods, have access to these spaces.

Community involvement is a crucial aspect of the project's development.

Scenic Hudson plans to conduct ecological restoration and community engagement activities, including public design workshops and site walks. These sessions are intended to gather input from residents and ensure that the Greenway reflects the community's needs and aspirations.

Residents of Newburgh and surrounding areas can expect to hear more about these community engagement opportunities soon. 

The Quassaick Creek Greenway project is not just a trail development; it's a step towards revitalizing a significant part of Newburgh's natural and cultural heritage.

Stay tuned for more updates as this project progresses.


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