Join the Air Quality Study in Newburgh: A Collaboration Between Outdoor Promise and SUNY Albany

Join the Air Quality Study in Newburgh: A Collaboration Between Outdoor Promise and SUNY Albany
Photo by Jacek Dylag / Unsplash

Exciting news for Newburgh residents and businesses! Outdoor Promise is teaming up with SUNY Albany on a project funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We're inviting you to be a part of an important study to improve air quality and public health in our community.

This project focuses on understanding air pollutant exposures in underserved neighborhoods across New York State. By using low-cost sensor monitoring, we aim to gather data on both outdoor and indoor air pollution. This information is crucial in helping to reduce pollution levels and improve the air we breathe.

Why should you get involved? Participating in the ‘Residential Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Exposure Study’ gives you a unique opportunity to contribute to a healthier environment. Plus, it's a chance to learn more about the air quality in your own home.

If you join the study, you'll receive individual reports detailing the pollutants found in your home. These reports will also offer practical advice on how to reduce your exposure to air pollution, which is great for your health and well-being.

And there's more! As a thank you for your participation, which includes using some small monitoring devices for a week and completing a survey, you'll receive a $30 gift card. This is to cover the power supply used by the devices and your time.

Your involvement in this study is invaluable. It's not just about the data; it's about empowering our community to make informed decisions and take action for better air quality.

Interested in making a difference? Please reach out to the study's Principal Investigator, Dr. Md. Aynul Bari, at or call 518-437-4933. You can also contact Marco Eugene, the undergraduate researcher, at or on his cell at 845-591-3661.

Let's work together to breathe easier and make Newburgh a healthier place to live!

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